• GovernmentWare 2013 - Conference Programme

    <Note: Programme is sorted in the order of Day, Conference Track and Time>

    Day 1: 1st October 2013, Tuesday
    Next Generation Cyber Defense Strategies
    1650 – 1735hrs | Venue: MR 300 – 302, Level 3
    Accept the Breach: How To Prepare for the Inevitable
    Speaker: Slawek LIGIER, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President of Product Development, SafeNet

    Day 2: 2nd October 2013, Wednesday
    Keynote Addresses
    1145 – 1230hrs | Venue: Hall 404A, Level 4
    World War C Speaker: Ashar AZIZ, Founder, Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer, FireEye

    Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
    1500 – 1545hrs | Venue: Hall 405B, Level 4
    The Rise of Critical Infrastructure Attacks: Understanding the Privileged Connection
    Speaker: John WORRALL, Chief Marketing Officer, Cyber-Ark

    Incident Response, Investigation and Recovery
    1605 – 1650hrs | Venue: MR 301 + 302, Level 3
    Forensics and Audit Challenges in Encrypted Environments
    Speaker: Kalle JÄÄSKELÄINEN, Head of Research and Development and Customer Services, SSH Communications Security

    Day 3: 3rd October 2013, Thursday
    Treats & Vulnerabilities
    1550 – 1630 hrs | Venue: Hall 404A, Level 4
    Hacking Back: The Ethics and Legal Issues of Counter Hacking
    Speaker: Rob FORSYTH, Director, Asia Pacific, Sophos

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