• FireMon Product Enablement 2012

    Date: 15 August 2012
    Venue: Quantiq Training Room

    The effort required to manage a firewall significantly increases as the complexity and quantity of policy increases. Add the growing total of firewalls being managed and it becomes an exponential problems.

    FireMon is a Real-Time security management and event monitoring solution for firewall, switches, routers, and load balancer devices. With the newly retrieved policy now stored in FireMon, automated audits to meet corporate requirements may be performed to ensure continuous compliance monitoring as well as true life cycle policy management.

    FireMon is able to address all the above concerns swiftly and effectively, while ensuring continuous compliance to corporate policies!

    These are the Key Things that Partners Take Away:
    - Growing rule base, growing complexity
    - Ineffective change management
    - Lack of strategy to address rule "aging"
    - Poor definition of business requirements
    - Lack of real time posture measurement/assessment

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