• GovernmentWare 2011

    Date: 27 to 29 September 2011
    Venue: Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre

    An active participant of the annual GovernmentWare event, Quantiq aims to bring valuable security awareness and technology insights to our customer on the ever changing IT security landscape.

    3As to Attacks – Alert, Accept and Accommodate – was the security concept that was launched at Quantiq’s booth this year. As it is impossible to keep up with mitigation plans and solutions to address zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs), therefore other than conventional IT security defense, we should look at: Being Alerted when there is an attack, Accept that the attack has taken place and Accommodate the attack without being compromised.

    The turnout for the event was overwhelming and favorable feedbacks were received from our esteemed visitors:

    "Checkmarx is able to minimize and cut down code development cycle since it is able to scan vulnerabilities without the need for the code to be compiled."
    - CIO from one of the Singapore Education sector

    "Tectia MFT has helped to increase system administrator's productivity and efficiency level, especially when there is a need to manage multiple sites file transfer."
    - CIO from one of the Singapore Banking sector

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