• Quantiq Gives Back!

    At Quantiq International, we are always committed to provide the best products and services. Quantiq International at the same time recognises the importance of being a responsible member of the community and giving back to the society is always a vital part of our business.

    Our company has given time off during office hours for our staffs to visit Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home on 8th April 2016. To spread our love and care to the elderly, we have prepared the dinner, provide entertainment and gifts for all of them. When we arrived, we were greeted by the elderlies as we visited them in all of the rooms with sing along sessions. We interacted with them and helped with the food distribution. The elderlies really appreciated the gifts and enjoyed speaking with us as they don’t often have visitors.

    Quantiq International appreciates our elderly for their hard work and dedication that have shaped Singapore to be a better society today. Being able to bring joy and smile to these old folks are just what it takes to make our day and to make all our efforts worthwhile.

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