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  • Xceedium Xsuite Protection Control on VMware VSphere

    Access to vCenter Server provides privileged users with the ability to delete or modify virtual machines en masse, and make sweeping configuration and operational changes to the environment. Xsuite is fully integrated into the VMware management environment, offering full control of privileged users and comprehensive protection. And Xsuite manages privileged user access to both VMware guest systems and the underlying vCenter Server management environment. This unique capability helps ensure complete next generation privileged identity management across the entire hybrid cloud.

    Automated Protection

    Automatic discovery of - and policy provisioning for - virtual hosts eliminates delays and productivity losses from manually defining, applying, and enforcing privileged access control policies for virtual resources

    Role-Based vSphere Access Control

    Protection of both vCenter Server and virtual hosts on VMware infrastructure, extending role-based access control for privileged users to the entire VMware infrastructure Xsuite works with both enterprise-wide domain accounts and local ESX Server accounts, so it easily adapts to existing identity management architectures Xsuite protects the entire hybrid cloud, vastly simplifying creation and enforcement of consistent access and user management policies across the organization

    Privileged User Single Sign-On

    Xsuite delivers single sign-on access for privileged users to enterprise systems, the vCenter Server management console, and all guest systems Individuals can be authorized to access systems over RDP, SSH, and web-based interfaces - or a combination of approaches. Privileged users benefit from faster access to protected systems, and boosts in productivity.

    Separation of Duties

    Xsuite separates access control from authentication, enabling fine-grained limits on access to guest hosts and vCenter Server. Controls can be applied based on pre-defined policies, based on roles and group memberships, or customized for an individual

    Monitor, Alert, and Record Privileged User Activity

    Xsuite generates a complete audit trail of privileged user activity, with full activity logs and full-session, tamper-proof recordings Alerts are generated for attempted policy violations, while Xsuite proactively prevents unauthorized access attempts and commands Actions can be blocked, privileged users warned, sessions terminated, and accounts suspended while incidents are investigated

    Credential Safe™

    Xsuite vaults privileged user credentials in an encrypted Credential Safe Full lifecycle management of privileged credentials, with automated password updates and changes

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