• Security Congregation 2016

    This year, we held our 2nd Security Congregation on 25th May 2016 at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    With the theme of "Dynamic and Radical Cyber Security Ecosystem", we addressed the issues of the current Cyber Security ecosystem where new threats appear ever so often - especially since the inception of Internet of Things (IoT). In a world where a refrigerator can alert users about low supplies and a washing machine that can be operated from a computer via the Internet, security loopholes are being generated at a fast pace. We always think about the benefits technology provide, but seldom the risks that it pose.   

    With that in mind, we were extremely honored to have several IT Key Note Speakers across various industries such as Law, Audit Services, Non-Profit Organisations and Government Bodies to come together with us to map out the current Cyber Security landscape with their valuable insights. To create a matching ecosystem to combat cyber crime, we need to band our diverse expertise together to cover any loophole, wherever they may be.

    Last but not least, we would like to give a big thank you to all partners and vendors who gave their fullest support, as well as the attendees who took the time to grace our event with their presence.

    Let's strive to do what we must, to create a secured virtualised world, for a better tomorrow. 


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