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  • Samsung SDS chooses Cyberbit for Cyber Security Solutions

    16 November, 2016 - Our technology partner Cyberbit, announced today that they have been selected by Samsung SDS (subsidiary of Samsung Group, a leader in IT services around the globe) to defend against cyber threats targeted at its customers' critical infrastructure facilities. 

    Industrial control networks with legacy technologies are vulnerable targets to cyber attacks due to their unique systems set-up and technical protocols, that most conventional security systems today have difficulties providing protection for. Working together with Samsung SDS, Cyberbit will be deploying its SCADAShield solution in the Korean Market to close the security gaps in organisations; by utilising a deep-packet inspection system, that is non-intrusive and optimised for ICS/SCADA networks.

    Ensuring business continuity and improving visibility of ICS networks for network managers are just two of the many benefits that come with the deployment of Cyberbit's SCADAShield. It is with high hopes that organisations with ICS networks can foresee the impending danger of cyber attacks on their critical infrastructures and guard themselves appropriately - and optimally with Cyberbit's SCADA security solutions.  

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