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  • 2015/2016 Staff Recognition Awards


    In order to honour outstanding staff members, Quantiq International has established four Staff Recognition Awards. Recipients will receive an engraved award and a cash prize.

    The Staff Recognition Awards honour outstanding QI and QIS staff members. Part of the mission of Quantiq International includes the creation and dissemination of knowledge in a friendly and supportive atmosphere for the benefit and welfare of all people. To this extent, nominees for the awards will be judged on the basis of their performance in advancing the Quantiq International toward these goals.
    Cindy Chua, Product Manager
    Cindy is a master closer of deals. Achieving yearly targets is surely no mean feat; yet being deterred is not her style. A force to be reckoned with - Cindy achieved close to 96% of her target the last financial year with great determination and persistence, Quantiq International is sure to rise among the stars, with her incredible and unparalleled contributions as an active employee and synergetic co-worker in the company.  
    Peter Wong, Product Manager
    When Peter first joined the Quantiq family, there were big shoes to fill and high expectations to meet. He has since proven this to his peers and superiors by achieving the Rockstar Rookie Award. Being ever so persistent, Peter never fails to take the initiative to seize any opportunity, even if it isn’t within arm’s reach. Quantiq International is relying on him to bring the company to the next level of innovation and entrepreneurship.
    Lynx Soh, Solution Architect

    Lynx has displayed, time and time again, true leadership qualities that has motivated his peers to perform above and beyond their duties and responsibilities. He is often sought after around the office for his trusty guidance and foresight as he is ever ready to lend a hand, be it professionally or personally. Voted by his peers for the Leadership Award, it only goes to show the gratitude expressed from his fellow colleagues on the ground level, who greatly appreciates his unwavering support and care, on or off the clock. 
    Yuri Yap, Marketing Designer
    Yuri is a delightful and spirited individual that is cherished by everyone in the company. Always having a foot in everyone’s door, Yuri has been contributing to the efficiency and facilitation of the company’s operations. With her buoyant and jaunty disposition, it is with no surprise that her fellow colleagues cooperate harmoniously with her presence. This is clearly evident by the fact that she has been voted by her peers to win the Spirit Award – an award that commemorates team spirit and cohesiveness in the workplace.






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