• Quantiq International to Highlight the Importance of IT and Industrial Security in an IoT World at GovWare '17


    A consistent participant of the yearly Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) Government Ware (GovWare), Quantiq International is proud to continue its contributions to Singapore’s cyber security landscape at GovWare ‘17. This year, Quantiq will be focusing on the theme of
    Accelerating IT & Industrial Security Adoption through Technology Collaboration”.

    The purpose of this theme is to emphasise the need for cyber security in any organisation’s network infrastructure, be it an IT-centric, OT-centric or even an IT/OT environment.  

    The Dynamics of IT & OT

    Both IT and OT play important roles in ensuring the smooth operations of any business, most notably in industrial spaces. There is a consensus that both domains operate in different ways and under different conditions – so in what way are they different?

    The general differences between IT & OT can be summarized as:

    1. IT thrives primarily in a dynamic virtual space with many gateways where data is key, confidentiality is a necessity and security patches for exploited vulnerabilities are commonplace.
    2. OT implements physical and real-time changes and actions via a deterministic nature with fewer gateways where process is key, control is top priority and security patches are rare to come by.

    However, with modernization and increased connectivity, the lines between IT and OT have been getting ever blurrier. Businesses now have identified the benefits of integrating both domains together – increasing efficiency, safety and profitability. Yet, as in most cases of technological adoptions, adopters tend to overlook/ignore the implications that come together with the benefits such new technologies provide.

    It comes with no surprise that businesses relying on either IT, OT or both in their environment are extremely vulnerable targets, given the steep rise of cyber attacks in recent years. As more industrial operations are connecting to the Internet, this provides cyber criminals with more platforms to cause harm - both virtual and physical.

    Security requires Strategy and Diligence

    Securing your organization is essentially a numbers game. What all cyber criminals would need is one successful attack whereas organizations would need to defend themselves successfully multiple times. Organisations need to consider the implications behind adopting new technologies to determine the actual beneficial value of such adoptions. Now more than ever, the blurry line between IT and OT should only serve to bring the two ‘distinct’ domains together. However, whose responsibility would it be then, to deter and resist malicious intent?

    Join us at GovWare ’17 on 19-21 September as we tackle the holistic problems businesses are facing today when it comes to securing both IT & OT portions of their network infrastructure.

    We’re still in the midst of battle preparations – Are you ready to defend against the relentless cyber threats to come?
    Stay tuned in to our website and social media platforms for more details on our participation at GovWare ‘17.


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