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  • Quantiq Announcement: Departure of Director - Mr. Dennis Tee

    It is with mixed feelings of sadness and gratitude to inform you that Mr Dennis Tee has made his decision to leave Quantiq International. His last day with Quantiq International will be on 31st January 2017.

    From Mr Nelson Yu, Managing Director of Quantiq International:     
    “I had known Dennis for a good 12 years and since he re-joined Quantiq International in 2010, he had performed admirably for the company. He had successfully reformed Quantiq International into a leading IT Security Distributor known in the industry for its forward looking values in IT Security products, strength in engineering expertise, excellent execution in communication and customer service. Not to mention that he spared no effort in building a strong team of wonderful management staff who are ready to take on any challenges and move forward with the company. This is further evidenced in the regional expansion of Quantiq International into Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, together with establishment of Quantiq International Services Pte Ltd. As much as I treasure and thank Dennis for his contribution for the past 7 years, I respect his decision to leave the organization in pursuit of his own dreams and aspirations. With this in mind, I’m glad and proud to announce that Ms Wendy Lee will be taking over the daily operation and planning of Quantiq International working directly with me. Let’s wish Dennis all the best for his future endeavours.”
    From Mr Dennis Tee, Director of Quantiq International:
    “After 7 years as Director of Quantiq International, I would like to thank not only the shareholders, and to my fellow colleagues as well. I sincerely appreciate all the product vendors, partners, and end users for all the kind support and guidance that you had provided to me. I have been very fortunate to work for Quantiq International that grew from 5 staffs initially, to total staff strength of close to 50 today – spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Quantiq International Services Pte Ltd. I’m glad that Quantiq International and Mr Nelson had provided me with the best environment to execute whatever is necessary for the best of the company accordingly to the circumstances. I can’t be reminded more of all my colleagues, vendors, partners, and end users, that had stood by me during the tough time. I respectfully urge you to stand by the new Director, Ms Wendy Lee, as you did for me as well. I wish Quantiq International, my colleagues, vendors, partners, and end users all the best in the future and stay cool till we cross paths again.”
    From Ms Wendy Lee, Director of Quantiq International:
    “On behalf of the management, we want to thank Dennis for his service to Quantiq International. To describe him as having contributed much to the company is an understatement, as he is also my mentor since I joined Quantiq International in 2012. I personally appreciate his guidance over the years and believe now is the time for me to take up the baton in leading the organization to greater heights. Moving forward, I will be working closely with our Managing Director, Mr Nelson Yu to ensure sustainability and profitability for Quantiq International. As the saying goes, starting a business is not easy but continuing a business is even tougher but I strongly believe that this is a challenge that I can succeed with a strong team of mine. Together, we will create another height within the industry with the ongoing belief and strength of Quantiq International. I’m just as excited as all of you and I would greatly appreciate your continuous support as always.”

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