• Black Hat Workshop: Exposing the Truth behind Snowden

    Could another "Snowden" be lurking around you?
    Snowden, a 2016 American biographical political thriller film, screened recently in many countries worldwide. Based on the true story that sent shock-waves around the world, the film looks at how Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the United States’ National Security Agency, concealed thousands of highly classified documents in a micro SD card that was hidden in a Rubik’s Cube before successfully smuggling it out of the NSA. 

    While that was merely a scene from Hollywood, Snowden did take advantage of the Administrator Privileges granted to him by the NSA. These Privileges included access to Privileged Accounts and SSH Keys. The harsh reality is that Snowden mercilessly exploited the loopholes in the NSA’s lack of Identity Management technology. 

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    Want to find out how Snowden performed all those malicious insider actions?
    SSH Communications Security’s Black Hat Workshop will not only demonstrate how Snowden utilized Identity Authentication to access NSA servers, but also provide participants with the opportunity to have a Hands-On Experience in using effective Identity Security Solutions in which it will give you an insights and skills on:

      - A thorough security strategy for monitoring encrypted environment
      - How to real-time monitor administrator/ outsourced IT sessions within encrypted channels
    - How to empower SIEM, IPS and DLP to stop malicious activity on the fly  

    Black Hat Workshop
    DATE : 07 APRIL 2017, FRIDAY
    TIME : 2:30PM - 5:00PM

    32 Maxwell Road, #03-01, Singapore 069115
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    Do you want your organisation to be the next inspiration for Snowden 2.0?
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