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  • [Vendor Update] Frost & Sullivan Honors Cyberbit as the Leader in Cyber Security Detection and Response

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    Frost & Sullivan Honors Cyberbit as the Leader in Cyber Security Detection and Response
    Cyberbit endpoint detection and response recognized for its capabilities to detect unknown, signature-less threats

    Austin, TX - March 21, 2017 Cyberbit, whose cybersecurity solutions protect the world’s most sensitive systems, announced today that it has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Technology Leadership Award for Cyber Security Detection and Response. By selecting Cyberbit, Frost & Sullivan recognizes the company’s capabilities in detecting unknown, signature-less and file-less attacks,  including ransomware.

    Cyberbit’s EDR was originally developed to meet the requirements of high-risk military and government organizations needing the superior detection and response capabilities that endpoint security systems cannot provide. By using an adaptive approach that leverages machine learning and does not rely on indicators of compromise (IOCs), Cyberbit EDR automatically tailors a behavioral detection policy to the customer’s organization. This approach dramatically improves the customer’s ability to identify targeted and unknown threats that bypass conventional systems, and minimizes false positives.

    Research Analyst Danielle VanZandt said: "Cyberbit provides one of the most effective solutions for detecting unknown, signature-less and targeted threats, including file-less attacks and ransomware. By using machine learning and behavioral analytics, Cyberbit’s EDR enables quick identification of an attack’s root cause and enacts are rapid response. Cyberbit's approach provides its customers with substantially higher detection and response capabilities, while keeping low false positive ratios. As a result, security teams can focus on high-priority alerts and are not distracted or overloaded with false alarms."

    "Organizations now realize that the endpoint is the attackers’ priority entry point and that conventional security products cannot identify the next generation of signature-less and fileless attacks," said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. "It's an honor for our adaptive, behavioral approach to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the new way to mitigate these new  attack forms that often slip past conventional  solutions."
    As a technology leader leveraging over 15 years of expertise, Cyberbit’s technologies and IP were developed to defend the world's most sensitive networks. Cyberbit’s product suite includes the following:

    ​EDR – Advanced endpoint security based on machine learning for hunting threats proactively and detecting unknown threats and ransomware that bypass traditional antivirus software.

    Cyberbit Range - The most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform.

    SOC 3D – Attains an efficient, business-driven SOC with automation, orchestration and big-data security analytics.

    SCADAShield – The only full-stack security solution for industrial control networks

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    About Cyberbit

    Created to protect the most high-risk organizations in the world, Cyberbit secures enterprises and critical infrastructure against advanced cyberthreats. The company’s battle- hardened cybersecurity solutions detect, analyze and respond to the most advanced, complex and targeted threats. Cyberbit employs a formidable and diverse team from both the public and private sector, including Ph.D.s, hackers, former CISOs and SOC managers, as well as seasoned veterans of the intelligence and military communities. With offices in Texas, Munich and Israel, and presence worldwide, Cyberbit is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: ESLT) and has more than 500 personnel in the United States, Europe and Asia. To learn more about how Cyberbit maximizes protection against today’s signature-less threats, visit


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