• Black Hat Workshop: Exposing the Truth behind Snowden [Post Event]

    The NSA leak - One of the prominent cyber attacks, if not the most critical, in 2012. Nearly 5 years later, we've studied, traced, discovered and learned the know-how behind Edward Snowden's massive blow dealt to the NSA and the rest of the world. 

    On 7th April '17, Quantiq International (QI) came together with SSH Communcations Security (SSH) to organise a SSH Black Hat 'Hands-On' Workshop - with the intention of educating our fellow 'defenders' in the cyber security industry.

    Our guest speaker and workshop coach, Mr Raymond Ma from SSH, commenced the event with a live demo of Snowden's attack, followed by a descriptive lecture on the motives and modus operandi (MO) of the NSA leak.
    With a 'hands-on' approach, participants were then given the chance to experience deterring cyber attacks (similar to the NSA leak) for themselves - with the guidance of Quantiq's talented engineers.

    With all the 'fighting' going on, there were delectable snacks and beverages served to the guests by our amiable venue host, Maxwell Chambers - because sometimes... heroes need a break too.
    All in all, we would like to thank all attendees for gracing our workshop with their presence and sharing their practices of the current security landscape, so that we may better ourselves, to better others in the cyber security realm.    


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