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  • The New Dawn of Cyberattacks: Why the Days of Machine Learning are Numbered

    Machine learning may still be the hottest buzzword in cybersecurity today, but it may no longer be enough to keep up with the unprecedented evolution and volume of cybercrime organisations deal with today, where new malware specimens surface every 4.2 seconds1. That’s millions of malicious malware every year.


    Guy Caspi, CEO of cybersecurity company, Deep Instinct explains, “In machine learning, you still need pre-processing of someone who knows very well what you want to implement. The entire process is still done manually. Experts know exactly what they want an algorithm to identify and will see a good result when they implement such a tool, but this is time and resource intensive and with attacks flooding in every few seconds, time and resources are the essence.”

    Deep Instinct, with its application of deep learning algorithms, is able to determine by itself, what is a threat and what is not from any data source in real-time and automatically take action to block it. This results in unmatched accuracy in the detection and protection from even the most complex zero-day malware and APTs.

    Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity.

    Inspired by the brain’s natural capability to learn. Deep Instinct’s proprietary neural network – or artificial brain is trained to instinctively detect and prevent any type of cyber threat and subsequent mutations.

     A Scientific Approach to Cybersecurity

    Deep Instinct’s approach is unique in many ways:

    • Infrastructure Agnostic: detection and prevention of threats across any device, any OS, any mobile, any server
    • Autonomous defence: Direct, connectionless and real-time action on any device
    • Plug and play: Easy deployment, It lives on top of legacy systems with zero impact on user experience.

    Discover the new way to outsmart hackers with Deep learning AI 


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