Consulting Services

Quantiq International possesses a solid team of expertise both local and international. Their decades of experience span from mission critical systems, high performance infrastructure and all measure of data security and investigations. We have learned to built, collaborate and manifest them over the years. Pulling the best resource to help our clients identify and define their problems.

Tailored training programme is part and parcel of our clients' preference. It is by understanding the strength of the clients' operations, people and time availability to design a suitable syllabus.

Quantiq International trainers are practitioners with vast years of technology design and deployment. They size the requirements and act on integrating themselves at clients™ setup then mapped to fit.

Quantiq International helps our clients planned for internal user seminar to raise security awareness and engagement.

Fundamental topics are common to help different level of users/owners appreciate the cyber-security; the predictive challenge; preventive measures; the whistle blower; managing of insiders-threat, etc.

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